Proud To Support The Wounded Blue

Every sale on Lawdog coffee provides support for officers in need through the Wounded Blue organization, it’s our mission at Lawdog Coffee to provide trained and caring Peer Support to injured and disabled officers and their families.

Who Are The Wounded Blue?

In 2016 approximately 57,000 Law Enforcement Officers were assaulted in the line of duty and almost 30,000 lost time from work because of Line of Duty injuries. While the severity of these injuries ranged from complaints of pain to permanent disabling injuries many required medical attention. In addition to the visible injuries, emotional and psychological trauma also affected an untold number of Law Enforcement Officers, some of that leading to Post Traumatic Stress Injury. If you required medical treatment or counseling (or if you believe you NEED counseling), YOU are THE WOUNDED BLUE.

To be sure, being The Wounded Blue does not mean you need the services that THE WOUNDED BLUE offers or will be offering in the future. Many Law Enforcement agencies have adequate health plans and workers compensation administrations that address the needs of those who serve and require care and also have Employee Assistance Programs or Peer Support organizations that do excellent work. But many agencies fall woefully short of providing the care and support so desperately needed when a traumatic physical or emotional injury occurs. They may fail to pay the medical bills, approve needed treatment or surgeries and they may reduce pay and fail to even recognize that Post Traumatic Stress Injury is very real and can be debilitating. That is why THE WOUNDED BLUE was created; to help injured law enforcement, build and administer an Emergency Financial Aid Fund, create a system of effective and caring Peer Support, be a resource for competent and effective legal council and advocate for stronger laws and protection for the American Law Enforcement Officer.


The only thing worse than being traumatically injured in the line of duty is feeling alone, abandoned, helpless and forgotten because of it. That is why The Wounded Blue was created. To stand with those who have sacrificed so much for the communities they serve and do everything in our power to help negotiate the road ahead. We at The Wounded Blue believe that most Americans support their Law Enforcement want to be a catalyst to channel that support into creating better lives for those who have been injured or disabled. Our motto sums it up best. NEVER FORGOTTEN-NEVER ALONE.

Emergency Financial assistance for injured law enforcement

Legal assistance to help officers obtain workers compensation and medical benefits

Resources and assistance in dealing with post traumatic stress injury and substance abuse

Public advocacy in strengthening laws protecting injured / disabled LEOs